We provide to our customers the extensive knowledge and experience in order to select the best locations, developing the projects and the management of the property in the long term.

We Build

All our ideas take inspiration from the landscapes that surround us. We design and build very carefully your home, enhancing the natural beauty of our land, so that it can be in harmony with you life. This is what Arras Group does.

We Manage

We take care of your property. Our team will do the maintenance for 365 days a year, ensuring you that your home will be comfortable and ready every time you want to spend you time there.

Passive Income

We propose to our customers to use their home as a real asset. Your house will be always ready to host you and we will rent it for you, in periods of your choice, when you are not able to enjoy it, providing you with additional income.

Live your second home as a real asset and not a liability

We give you the chance to use you home in the way that best fits your needs. When you decide to, we rent it for you taking care of every aspect, so that you can earn extra money. Further, the value of your property increases constantly due to the accurate selection of the locations where we build.

You can expect returns on your investment up to 15%. But that is not all, you have several additional advantages:

Cover Fixed Costs

Every property has expenses either you use it or not. Our real estate agency service will allow you to cover those costs and generate additional income.


As said before we take care of every aspects of your property. Gardening, security service, cleaning and more broadly the ordinary maintenance. So, also if you are fare away, you do not have to worry about your property.


Free Services

Everything listed above has no additional costs. All this advantages are free of charge for Arras Group’ clients.

Change you life today

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